The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to the Philippines

2 min readMar 4, 2024

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to optimize costs, increase efficiency, and find the best talent. Outsourcing your software development to the Philippines can provide all of these benefits and more. Here’s why:

Philippine Tech

1. Significant Cost Savings

Let’s be real — budgets matter. The Philippines boasts a lower cost of living than most Western nations. The exciting part? This translates to highly competitive developer rates — often a whopping 50–70% less than what you’d pay for equivalent talent in-house. Imagine reinvesting those savings into ambitious features, sleek marketing, or maybe even that long-awaited team retreat.

You save on salaries, infrastructure, and overhead costs — all without sacrificing quality.

2. A Thriving Tech Talent Pool

The Philippines boasts a large, English-proficient workforce with a strong emphasis on STEM education. Universities and training programs produce thousands of IT graduates every year. This means you’ll find qualified developers specializing in a multitude of technologies.

3. Excellent Work Ethic

Filipinos are known for their dedication, reliability, and strong customer service orientation. They take pride in their work and are committed to delivering projects on time and within budget.

They are known for their “can-do” attitude and client-centric focus. They see your project’s success as their own. This means hitting deadlines isn’t just a goal; it’s a badge of honor. And don’t underestimate the power of that extra mile — from suggesting smart optimizations to burning the midnight oil when a launch looms.

4. Western-Aligned Culture

The Philippines’ historical ties with the US have fostered a culture that’s easy for Western businesses to navigate. You’ll find understanding of Western business practices and minimal cultural barriers.

5. Convenient Time Zone Advantage

The Philippine time zone overlaps with Western business hours and offers a great advantage for nearly round-the-clock development capabilities. Teams can collaborate in real-time or hand off work for overnight completion, boosting productivity.

StackSpace: More Than Just Devs, We’re Your Partners

We get it — outsourcing is a leap of faith. At StackSpace, we’re obsessed with making that leap seamless. We leverage the best of the Philippines’ tech talent. Our processes are designed for seamless collaboration with international clients. We’re more than just coders — we understand your business goals and become an extension of your team.

Experience the difference!

The Philippines is the smart play for businesses ready to level up. Are you in? Contact StackSpace and let’s build something amazing, together.